About Change Window

Now more then before the blurring lines between work/life and rise of flexible working arrangements, personal engagement and motivation has become the number one challenge facing people these days. Creating and nurturing ones self is an essential skill for today’s Super woman🧞‍♀️ .The fact is you cannot eliminate the need of continually developing your skills and you shouldnt have to do it alone.

The good news is coaching is more accessible then ever before💃, your coach is your partner who will help you discover new strengths and new expertise during changing times.

At ChangeWindow, I am committed to provide maximum benefit to professional women through my bespoke Coaching Programs.

These programs are designed from learnings through 😉personal life experiences,👩‍🎓 lot of in class trainings and practical implementations of 😇success strategies.

Over years of relocating in various countries(India , Africa, USA and now Australia) and having to overcome both personal and professional struggles I have learned techniques that are practical , plausible and simple.

Someone once told me you can only take clients as deep as you have gone yourself. And because of this, I challenged my own thinking patterns and self-awareness. I underwent the same work I help clients with, taking the time to empower and free myself from the very same limits I was subscribing to myself.I took various courses such as NLP, hypnosis, anxiety and phobias, and mBit and Life coaching.

Using Changewindow Programs , you can learn how to connect better with self, build effective relationships and understand key elements of professional and personal life to enhance your results. Using these programs you can begin to flourish and enjoy a level of professional and personal development second to none.

But don’t take my word for it – Jump into the Program and see it for yourself🙌 !!!

If you are a professional woman who has a DREAM and is passionate about turning it to a REALITY then TAKE CONTROL and CLICK below.