Each of our programs are great blend of studies like Life Coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming, Emotional Intelligence and Human Behavior Coaching


Personal Coaching Program

  • Clear understanding of your whole life at present
  • Gain deeper understanding of your drivers in life and Career
  • Learn valuable techniques  in becoming confident and Resilient
  • Gain Clarity on your Career and life Goals 
Career Success

Simple, and effective move

  • Gain Clarity on your Ideal Career
  • Self assessment on your Core Competencies 
  • Create a perfect elevators Pitch
  • Learn how to Network like a Pro
  • Learn the art of SELLing 

Session Highlights for Personal Coaching

Work on current emotional , mental and physical state and Where do you want to be ? 

Time to GROW and work out the action plan, that will take you to your desired destination.

 What do you value and what is holding you back ?

Find of hidden drivers of youre behaviour

A measure of your success with clear plan to move forward.

Session Highlights for Leadership Coaching

Enhance your communication skills to become more effective articulating your message 

 Increased awareness on actions in becoming a great Leader

INcrease ability to build rapport and influence 

Tap into your Values and Vision 

Be more Resilient  in the face of uncertainity

Session Highlights for Career Coaching

Work out your Career Objective that is purposeful

Create your Marketing Strategy to let people know what you want

Learn how to network like a pro and specifically Target your market

Make an impact in your conversations

Create your authentic elevators pitch 


Vineti is an excellent and understanding person sitting on the seat of the coach on the other side of the screen, in this virtual world. She has carved the path so systematically that you will make you understand your path better. You don’t have to change the path, just carry the best skills you have gained towards your goals. She is excellent! I would definitely suggest her sessions.

Neha Bhatia  - Content Administrator 

 Vineti is a super coach. Her practical & realistic approach and guidance towards achieving your goal is all you need in tuff times. She gives you the strength you need to start somewhere and then guides you through your journey.

Yesha Bhatt- Project Manager

Career Success Master Class helped me gain insight into the expectations of the corporate world, and how one can strategically position themselves to create a remarkable impression.If you have a goal in mind and need some guidance to turn it into reality, then do reach out to Vineti

Parul Mishra -Marketing Strategist

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