Culturally Diverse Leader with Dilpreet Kaur Taggar

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Young and ambitious thats what I loved about Dilpreet. Recently moved to Australia and quickly identified the Cultural Diversity Gap in the media industry and took a step to fill it through her founding of South Asian Today . So true, so much about diversity is being said in the community recently however lack of representation of Cultural Diverse Leaders is shocking . While in converstaion Dilpreet talks about how there is a lot of international coverage that is done by white reporters which at some level creates a disconnect at the emotional level. Ironical but true while we want to embrace Diversity we are continuosly seeing the Lack of Role models in the community .  

Hi Dilpreet, When did you come to Australia and what was your Motivation?

I came to Australia 3 years ago to do my Master in Journalism from the University of Melbourne. I was finding it difficult to do the kind of journalism I wanted to in the Indian newsrooms and took the opportunity to learn more on a global scale to equip myself with the skills so I can run my own progressive newsroom one day.

What was your initial experience here  ? culturall​​​​y and socially?

It was unique. I found Australian newsrooms very White dominant despite Melbourne’s image as a multicultural city. It shortly became clear to me that this needed to change. I found myself learning more and more about Australia’s dark history and understood it was my responsibility to stand in solidarity with the First Nation Peoples of the country. Other than that, Melbourne Uni was a good experience for me. I met heaps of young people of colour who continue to inspire me.

What was your first role and what workplace challenges have you felt as a Culturally Diverse Leader?

My first role was an internship with The Conversation. It challenged me to think outside of the box and the importance of fact-checking in the media. It was then I knew I had to start South Asian Today. I learnt a lot from the journalists at The Conversation!

Tell me a bit about what you do now current role?

I am the founder of South Asian Today - Australia’s first media platform exclusively for South Asian women and non-binary folks. Australia really lacks a cerebral publication where South Asians can indulge in political and social commentary, dismantle political norms and talk about caste and class systems. Free, independent and unbiased journalism is the goal!  

How did you overcome your challenges?

By continuing to believe that this platform is needed and ignoring those who tried to stop me!

What would be your biggest advise that you would like to give to CALD Leaders?

Let no one tell you your work is insignificant and try to be a better ally with other CALD communities.

Thank you Dilpreet, what you have here is really remarkable , Culturally Diverse voices need not only be heard but felt too and that can be done when there are more and more Role models who can motivate the generations of CALD Leaders ahead. What you have here is truly inspirational.Thank you for sharing.

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