Culturally Diverse Leader with Sneha J Samant

Interview with an "Straight Talker"!

We all are unique in the way we do things and achieve our goals, while many of us struggle to get a break and have had a challenging career, there are those who are focussed, know what they want, do the things that must be done, by being who they need to be through actions and focus. Sneha J Samant who moved to Australia and got her first job in the industry pretty quickly by knowing exactly what she wanted, shares her story of how to stay focussed and ensure you work towards your goal.

So Sneha tell me when did youc oem to Australia and what got you here ?

I came to Australia as a trailing spouse.

What qualifications did you have prior to you arriving in Australia? and what were you did before you came down under ?

I am Bachelor of Engineering in Information Technology and I have a Masters in Business Administration – Human Resources. I am a certified Coach and Change Specialist.

I have held roles in multinational organisations such as Atos Origin, Baxter Pharmaceuticals, Intercontinental Hotels Group, Rezidor Group.

My previous role before Australia was that of a Learning and Development Manager for the Rezidor Group.

How did you find your foot in the australian market what was your first JOB? 

After a career break of 4 years for parenting, as a first step, I initiated my job search in the industry that I had most recently worked in (hospitality) before my break.

I am at the Accor Group in their Talent and Culture team.

Tell me a bit about what you do now in your current role?

My current role includes Talent Acquisition, Organisational Development and Employee Relations

How did you find the culture and how did you overcome your challenge ?

One of the striking distinction between the Australian market and that within the other markets that I have worked in was the depth and breadth of operations. The Australian market was vertical-skilled whereas the markets of the Middle East and Asia lay emphasis on horizontal-skilled base. As an example, a specialist in a particular field is preferred than a generalist.

I had to fine tune my resume to include only the relevant experience. Eg,if I was applying for a profile that wanted a Talent Acquisition Specialist, I had to eliminate the Learning and Development, Quality Assurance experience that I had had in the past and focussing on the Industry Experience relevant to the Job Description for the position advertised.

What would be your biggest advise that you would like to give to CALD Leaders?

The market is slow and generally industries prefer candidates with experience in their sectors. It is important to stay focussed and give time to finding that perfect opportunity even though it might seem long and hard.

When hiring managers are looking for a perfect match , as a job hunter your best bet would be to focus on customising your resume for each job you apply for. It can be the key to stand out from the crowd. With current environment job market is slow, roles are being put on hold , or hiring managers are wanting to hire internally. So the one thing you could do while you wait is to stay focussed and give yourself time.

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