Culturally Diverse Leader with Naishadh Gadani

Interview with an "Employee and Entrepreneur"!

Yes , an employee and entrepreneur ! when you can have it all why settle with one? Naishadh came to Australia to build an international career and now he runs a successful business named Your Career Down Under in Career Consulting and Coaching, while also working as a Program Lead at Centre for Multicultural Youth - As I said earlier why choose when you can do both ? A great inspiration, motivator and connector who is always available for help when you need.If you are looking to get inspired and want it all in your career then read on.

Hi Naishadh,  tell me what brought you to Australia ?

I always had a desire to build an international career. When I heard about an opportunity to migrate to Australia, I grabbed it and moved here in 2007

What are your qualifications and what you did before you came down under ?

I completed Bachelors of Mechanical Engineering in 1997. Within few months into my first role, I realised I was more interested in human engineering than mechanical. My last role before moving to Australia was Marketing Manager with an electronics equipment company in Ahmedabad.  

How did you find your foot in the australian market what was your first JOB? 

Finding my first role in Australia was difficult. I think the story is similar to every other professional migrant who arrives in Australia. I used to spend hours on online job boards - finding the right job, tailoring resumes, submitting applications and, if I'm lucky then a job interview. 

I landed my first job as a Sales Engineer in an Engineering Company. 

Tell me a bit about your current role ?

I always wore two hats - worked full-time and ran my own business. 

After two redundancies by 2009, I decided to change my career in a direction that is more fulfilling and where I can leverage my skills. 

In 2009, I changed my career from Sales Engineer to Employment Consultant. In next eleven years I worked in:

  •  A not-for-profit organisation where I helped job-seekers from disadvantaged backgrounds to find jobs 
  • Occupational rehabilitation sector where I helped workers who sustained workplace injuries or had transport accidents, to change careers
  • Jobs Victoria agency where I managed two indigenous employment programs.

I currently work with the Centre for Multicultural Youth as a Program Leader (Employment Empowers Div). 

I also run a Career Consulting and Coaching company - Your Career Down Under - where I help skilled / professional migrants and international graduates prepare them for Australian market and help them find jobs.  

How did you find the culture and how did you overcome your challenge ?

My biggest challenge was to understand the work etiquettes - Christmas functions, BBQ parties and after work drinks. It took some time for me to adjust in Australian work and community. I took advice from my friends who have been living in Australia for a long time and also read a lot.

What would be your biggest advise that you would like to give to CALD Leaders?

Leverage cultural diversity and cross-cultural knowledge as a strength rather than weakness.  

Thank you Naishadh, SPOT on cross cultural knowledge can and should beused as the area to stand out from the crowd. As a cross cultural individual we all have unique set of values that can give a different prespective to a situation or problem.

Remember your style of thinking and processing information could be the edge you need to be successful. Unfortunately many a times we over evaluate our own thinking and become our own biggest challenge!

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