Culturally Diverse Leader with Faisal Faheem

Interview with an Achiever !

With an MBA in Technology Management and Operational Excellence and more than twenty years of experience as a Business Consultant and Corporate trainer in Public Sector, Telecommunications and various other industries like FMCG and Insurance. Faisal is uniquely qualified to analyze corporate training needs and design a plan that works for employees. Through his extensive travelling for work across different countries he has developed a keen intercultural awareness for customized delivery methods and training packages. 

He has more than 22 professional certifications which Includes SAFe SPC, PMP, ITIL, PRINCE 2 and Lean Six Sigma. Besides being a very successful professional and trainer, Faisal has been extensively involved in public lectures, publications and has worked with different organisations to deliver high quality projects. He has trained more than 250  Professionals in the last 2 years.

Hi Faisal,Appreciate your time today,I am very keen to know what brought you to Australia?

I have worked across the globe and I came to Australia for a better quality of life and new career experience. I absolutely loved the lifestyle over here and made it my permanent home.

What did you do before you came down under ?

I pursued a Bachelor’s in computer systems engineering. I acquired certifications like PMP, ITIL, ISO/IEC 20000 and Lean Six Sigma Green belt. Prior to coming here, I was working in the Middle East market particularly in Dubai, UAE and Kingdom of Saudi Arabia as a Project and Program Management Professional. 

How did you get the foot in the Australian market ?

I was fortunate to find my first job as soon as I moved to Australia. I had few interviews and managed to secure my first job in the Department of Education and Early Childhood Government of Victoria as a Technical Business Analyst and Project Manager.

Tell me a bit about your current role?

Currently, I am running my own company by the name of Valuematics Australia. 

It is a training, coaching and consulting company. It specialises in providing corporate & public training, coaching in project & program management, business agility, agile methodologies, business process management and process improvement. 

We have also been working with few clients helping them with their process maturity and business agility journey.

How did you find the culture in Australia and what was the biggest challenge for you?

I believe Australian Job culture is a bit unique if you compare it with the rest of the world. I believe for some reason excellence is not celebrated and promoted in the way it should be.

There is also a dearth in quality of delivery which leads to a lot of rework and budget overruns etc. Moreover, best practices are seldom followed and I believe your qualification and certification which proves your competence are not counted the way it should be.

As a someone who is a migrant, the biggest challenge for me was to adjust to the Australian work culture and to follow the processes and norms which I believe needs a lot of work to produce quality within the delivery.

What would be your biggest advice that you would like to give to CALD Leaders?

I would say “Set a clear vision and a strategic theme, work on it with persistence, commitment, dedication and set up small wins to go to your bigger vision.”

I love that "Set a clear VISION and strategic theme" ,thank you Faisal for sharing your experiences with me today.

The importance of setting a VISION is undeniable , over years successful Leaders and Enterprenuers have sworn by their VISION. Ones you have a clear VISION everything else can be created around it through some help from experts.

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